Coroutine() vs “Coroutine” in Unity

What is Coroutine?

According to Unity, “Coroutine is a special type of function which stops the execution until the define condition is met, and continue from the frame where it left off”.

In a simpler word, we can say … Read more

JSON Serialization beyond limits in Unity

As we all know, JSON is the most widely used format for transferring data on the web. JSON is human-readable and easily machine parseable format. With the addition, Unity has a built-in JSON serialization class, which we can use for … Read more

Saving/Loading Scriptable Object in Unity

What is a Scriptable object?

According to Unity, “A ScriptableObject is used to save large amounts of shared data, independent of class instances”. So basically it is used to save predefined static data at the editing time and can … Read more

XML Serialization and Deserialization in C# Using Unity

What is XML serialization and Deserialization?

In this article, we will discuss how to save structural data using XML serialization. Most of the game developer was saving their data on the device using playerPrefs. But the main problem with … Read more

Projectile Trajectory motion in Unity 2D

What is a Projectile and Projectile Motion?

When gravity force is acting on an object is called projectile. Other forces are also acting upon it but those all are minimal effect on a projectile object. The motion creates … Read more

C# Job System Example With MonoBehaviour

Before starting this post, We recommended you to take a look in part 1 of the c# job system. Where we are discussed the brief about how it is useful for parallel processing and memory optimization.

We will give a … Read more