Make game without code using Playground in Unity3d

Playground in unity

Unity recently announces the tool called playground, which helps you to make a game without any code just by adding and mixing predefined components.

Before this tool, we have to use lots of inbuilt components and do scripting to make our game. To move a character we have to do the code to let it happen. But now due to the predefined functions in the playground, we just have to drag and drop the component to move the character.

The playground now is the initial tool to start learning unity3d. It helps the younger user, educators, and enthusiast to learn unity and make the game very easily.

We can say that this tool is “Easy to make the game” and “Easy to play the game”.

Easy to make the game with playground

Now it is super easy to tune the physics like Rigidbody2D, Obstacles, and collisions just by adding predefined components.

This tool is include following type of scripts to make the game faster.

Movement scripts provide the basic functionality like the automove, auto-rotate, camera follow, follow a target, jump, move, patrol, push, rotate and many more.

Game play scripts are miscellaneous type to build the game play. This will include object creation, object destroy, object shooting and many more.

Attributes are similar like the “Tag”. But it contains some more data to act upon it later in the game. This includes bullet attribute, collectible attribute, Destroy for point attribute and many more.

Conditions are very similar to “if” statement in the programming. The action is the script which acts upon successful condition. Conditions and actions are like “if ” and “then”.

You can use destroy action, create object action, load level action and many more. You can use custom actions to make your own and execute on any condition.


In the recent time unity is announce c# job system and ECS, which is a very fast tool for performance in game development. This is very easy to make a tool which faster your game development time. You can download and get started your playground journey from the asset store. Get the demo along with playground from here.

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